STP Vision and Mission

Vision: Script to Performance is an unincorporated association that creates theatrical productions relating to mental health issues and provides a therapeutic atmosphere for its audience members who watch our performances.

Mission Statement: Script to Performance is an unincorporated association that will create, develop and deliver theatrical productions that explore mental health topics. Our aim is to gather a small creative team, creating/recreating and developing scripts and performing to the public and raising awareness about mental health. We will perform these productions to all members in society where we are nurturing and fulfilling a creative need and clinical need.


· To spread awareness of mental health issues through Script to Performance’s (STP) productions.

· To produce one or two productions annually.

· The committee members/organisers of Script to Performance will have full-time jobs but manage the coordination of their productions on a part-time basis.

· Our theatrical productions will provide a safe and therapeutic space for the actors performing in STP productions.

· STP will also provide a safe and therapeutic space for audience members attending our productions.

· Initially STP will create and develop new scripts focussing on mental health themes but will then the organisation will be able to produce solicited plays once STP is more established.

· The purpose of STP is to build and maintain long-term relationships with charitable organisations in London so STP can become an important catalyst in spreading awareness about mental health.

· To initially produce one to two productions per year and work towards doing more productions as we gain more exposure.

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1. Scripts developed by Script to Performance will raise awareness about mental health topics and will also focus on the process in developing a script from the page to the stage. 2. To create or sele