1. Scripts developed by Script to Performance will raise awareness about mental health topics and will also focus on the process in developing a script from the page to the stage.

2. To create or select scripts that involves a development process and all cast and crew involved learn creative skills while participating with the society’s/association’s production.

3. Create theatrical events that incorporate topical issues that will attract engagement from local and other ethnic communities.

4. To spread awareness of mental health issues through our publicity campaigns for our theatrical productions.

5. To encourage theatrical and creative engagement primarily in the local community of East London.

6. The society will always aim to produce quality productions but be open to those who have very little experience with the theatre and want to be involved with the society to support both mental health or theatrical topics or both.

7. Script to Performance is open to working with other local drama societies on new and traditional scripts in order to integrate with them and create an exciting, innovative performance.

8. We are a society that wants to attract and promote local health and arts organisations in North East London and the society will do this by involving local businesses and organisations with our fundraising, publicity and theatrical

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